Brazilian Dance Show

Brazilian Dance Show

Why hire a Brazilian dance show for a corporate event or celebration

Whether it’s for birthdays, weddings, increasing employee morale, launching a new product or service, or awarding the month’s or quarter’s best employees, a Brazilian dance show is a great choice when it comes to making events a lot livelier.
Compared to the many other ways of making events fun there are other dance shows you can choose from; Brazilian shows are not the kind you’d see on a regular basis. In order for a performance to be called a true Brazilian show, the performances MUST BE true to Brazilian tradition, and are not just based off the culture. Also, they must be done by performers who have basically perfected the different Brazilian dances and beats—Carnival, Samba, Lambada, Afro, Batucada, among others—and have been doing this for several years.

In the Oceania region, Soul Brazil is the best dance company to hire. They take pride in being able to do traditional Brazilian performances as well as fuse traditional Brazilian performances with Ballet, Hip Hop, Urban, and Jazz. This allows many people to be no less than happy to see and dance along with the great-looking and smooth performers, as they will feel that they have been instantly brought to Brazil, even if they did not book for a trip to the South American country.

Brazilian Dance ShowsBut the fun of the Brazilian dance show of Soul Brazil is not limited to the drummers and the beautiful, graceful ladies with perfect figures. Remember that it is only the Brazilians who have a martial arts system that also incorporates elements of acrobatics and dance: capoeira. While there is no actual hitting involved in capoeira exhibitions, the magnificent movements they do to the beat of a series of percussion instruments will catch you off-guard and leave you speechless even when it’s over.

By hiring Soul Brazil’s performers, you and your guests get to experience a true Brazilian dance show that will be talked about for a very long time. The performers not only look amazing and graceful, they are also considered true experts of the different traditional dances of Brazil. The company’s director only hires those with several years of performing experience under their belts and are willing to become better performers. Please don’t hesitate to contact our staff and book Soul Brazil’s performers for you next event and make it one to remember.

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